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Our online catalog does not include everything we make, and it certainly does not include everything that you, our customers, can imagine.

If you have an idea to meet a specific decorating need, or maybe an unusual gift to give, let us help. We have designed and installed wooden stairways, built and delivered furniture items as large as king size pencil post beds, and sold uncounted simple three and four piece wooden puzzles - - as long as your needs fall somewhere in that range we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

You can fill out and submit the form below, just send us an email or simply call on our toll free line at 1-866-875-9195. And please remember - - the information we gather on our customers during the course of doing business stays with us. We do not, and will not, share this information with anyone

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Please read on

As long as you're here, we want to show off a bit and show you the result of one special order. This request took some time because we needed to do some research and the customer gave us a due date well in advance.

The order was for a wooden menorah to be used as a Chanukah gift. The customer wanted it to use the expanding technique we use in our angels and other figures. It only took one plywood prototype to show that wasn't very practical - - we had problems with cracking of the plywood which would only have gotten worse with solid wood.

While researching menorahs we discovered there are different types and uses that dictate the number of candles to be held. Our customer decided they wanted a Chanukah Menorah, one with nine candles. Eight of these are for the eight nights of Chanukah while the ninth is the Shamash, the candle used to light the other candles.

Another question was size: in order to hold candles and remain stable what was the minimum size we could employ? Based on our prototyping this came out to be about 15" wide and 12-15" tall.

Finally, we had to settle on a price. Our customer agreed that we were free to sell additional copies of the same design so there was no charge for our design and prototyping efforts (otherwise this would have been a $300 item).

Over a three month span we exchanged a dozen or so emails and pictures with the customer and settled on the final design, size, woods to be used, etc. The picture below shows the result, The Dusty Fox Chanukah Menorah for 2002.

Chanukah Menorah
15 1/2 " wide, 14 3/4" tall (not including candles)
Walnut and Alder
Blue stained glass Star of David secured by a ring of brass

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