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wood cross wood angel

Expanding Wood Angels and Wood Crosses

"For He shall give His angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways."

Our expanding wood angels are welcome guests wherever they go. Each angel is made of a single piece of wood and consists of five bevel-cut stacked figures that can be displayed as a single concave or convex shape or can be separated to further enliven and populate a display.

Dusty's Angels come in three heights: 4", 7" and just under 10" tall. The smallest is made from either 3/8" o r 1/2" stock, those seven inches tall are 5/8 - 3/4" thick, and the tallest are 3/4 -7/8" thick. We are currently offering angels of alder, oak, maple and walnut. The photos include angels of other materials but they are not offered as standard items at this time. If you must have an angel of another material please contact us via the special orders route.

wood angel Angels in this picture range from 2 1/2 inches to 9 3/4 inches tall. We wanted to show a wide variety of sizes and materials in here so that those of you who might require an angel with special size or appearance would know that we can probably meet your need. Just go to special orders and fill in the form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

wood angel

Small angel, 4" high
Price $15
Select Wood:
Medium angel, 7" high
Price $20
Select Wood:
Large angel, 9 3/4" high
Price $25
Select Wood:

wood cross

Five level expanding crosses in Oak. Available at 7" tall or 9"tall.

7" Cross is $20

9" Cross is $25

wood ichthus

Oak Ichthus (or Icathus, depending upon the "expert") with five level expanding cross. Approximately 5" high, 10" long. Price $25

Decorative Birdhouses

Our decorative bird houses come in many unique styles and wood combinations.

There is just one of each.

Price is $25 for each.

All come with a brass wire stand.

Birdhouse BH01
Sorry, item sold

Birdhouse BH02
Approx height 5", max width 3"

Birdhouse BH03
Sorry, item sold

Birdhouse BH04
Approx height 6.75", max width 2.75"

Birdhouse BH05
Sorry, item sold

Birdhouse BH06
Approx height 5.25", max width 2.75"

Birdhouse BH07
Approx height 4.75", max width 3"

Birdhouse BH08
Approx height 5", max width 1.75"

Birdhouse BH09
Sorry, item sold

Birdhouse BH10
Approx height 5.5", max width 3"

Birdhouse BH11
Approx height 6.5", max width 2.25"

Birdhouse BH12
Approx height 6.75", max width 3"

Birdhouse BH13
Sorry, item sold

Birdhouse BH14
Approx height 5.75", max width 2.5"

Birdhouse BH15
Approx height 6", max width 3"

Potpourri Bowls

Unique handcrafted bowls that can add to your decor in more than one way.

There is just one of each.

Price is $40 for each.

PB03 PB03

Spalted maple bowl.
Diameter 4.5", height 2"
3" Pewter butterfly lid

PB06 PB06

Cherry bowl.
Diameter 4", height 2"
3" Pewter butterfly lid

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Handcrafted Wood Boxes
Doc's Boxes

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